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ScQ .Cloud is a superconducting quantum computation cloud platform. The platform provides a cluster of superconducting processors, integrated with respectively 10, and 30 qubits. The qubits are connected in a \(1D\) or ladder array configurations. A \(CNOT\) gate can be applid on each pair of qubits when they are located in nearest neighbor sites. Each qubit can be rotated by \(X, Y, Z\) Pauli gates, or more general \(Rx, Ry\) and \(Rz\) rotation gates with arbitrary angles.Single-shot simultaneous readouts for all qubits are provided for measurements. The readout probability is also available, which is calculated from results of single-shot measurements.

Next version of superconducting processors, with more qubits and different configurations, will be released in the next months.

ScQ .Cloud also provides a simulator based on a computer server named as QtVM, which can run quantum computation with up to 34 qubits. Quantum assembly language, qasm, can be applied to ScQ .Cloud.

Open and Free

  • ScQ .Cloud is open for public. We welcome use ScQ .Cloud for education and research, or for exploring applications. Please contact us if you need special functions of superconducting quantum computation which are not yet available for the present version.
  • ScQ .Cloud is free.


ScQ .Cloud is supported by a team in Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Contact email: